Online Casino King Solomon Announces New Software Platform

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino, King Solomon, has announced that it will be using two software platforms, RealTime Gaming, which is the existing platform and its newest addition, Playtech.

A spokesperson for King Solomon online casino, said, “We have essentially opened up King Solomon’s casino on 2 platforms.The RealTime Gaming platform will still operate for players that prefer that platform and will be based at nothing else at that casino will change.”

“The domain will be used for the new Playtech platform.With regards to not communicating this to players-we tread a fine line when doing things of this nature.If we don’t email our players we get asked why we didn’t email them and if we do we could be accused of trying to switch over players to a new software and thus decimate the earnings of our marketing partners – so it’s a no win situation that we find ourselves in,”  the spokesperson concluded.

King Solomons is approved by the Gambling Commission as a safe and reliable online casino, and is also listed among the top 7 online casinos by Gambling Online Magazine.

The online gambling group offer high quality casino games in an environment that is secure.

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