Online Casino Jackpot Winners at

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino,, has become a popular place during the past few months, as two very happy players won the progressive online slot jackpot.

Last weekend, a woman from Canada took home a whopping $146,761, after another player known as “Newman32” won $165,318 only a few months earlier.

The young woman who won said, “I usually play the Booster slot because I like the way you can boost your bets. But a friend won a few dollars playing the slot machne called Magic so I decided to give it a try last Sunday.”

“That machine sure lived up to its name that night, eh” she said.

Many online gamblers enjoy playing slot machines, and prefer them over other casino games because of the jackpots.

Spokesperson for, John Lancelet, said, “I know a lot of people think slot players just like slots because they are easy. But the chance to win hundreds of thousands on a very minimal bet is a big part of it.” offers fourteen progressive slot machines and video poker games, with six of those games available for mobile phones and PDAs. The mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpot, so the next big winner could be at their computer or anywhere they take their phone.

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