Online Casino Glam For High Rollers

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There are always bonuses going around for all types of players but there is a special bonus that is happening right now at This online casino bonus is for high rollers and high rollers only. These players are the ones that can play hard and that they do. These players usually make deposits in the thousands and the online casino is giving them something back to encourage them to keep playing and making those great deposits.

The online casino is matching high roller deposits in the amounts of thousands of pounds. The players have to give the online casino a status heads up to make the online casino aware that they plan to gamble in large amounts.

The bonus has the same restrictions as do the smaller bonuses. Certain amount of hands has to be played in order for the bonus to be released and there are other simple restrictions as well. There is nothing abnormal about the bonus other than the amount that is being deposited.

High rollers at this online casino will be happy to see that they are getting special attention and the players feel like there is a special treatment there for them. The online casino is happy to offer them this service as a special bonus which may only last a limited time so remember to take advantage while you can!

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