Online Casino BuzzLuck Launches LIP Service with Comedian Ian O

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Don’t have anything planned for tomorrow night? Check out online casino’s first Live Internet Party (LIP). The online casino is launching their new LIP Service which will debut at 9pm London Time and will run for 2 hours.

The launch of LIP Service is going to combine all the great aspects of a live show with the comedic talent of Ian O. Viewers will also be able to interact with the comedian and other participants as well as win free cash and prizes. And don’t worry, if you find you already have plans on Saturday you can check out select bits from the party on their YouTube Channel at

Executive Producer for LIP Service and Chief Executive Officer for eGaming 2.0, Alex Czajkowski said LIP Service will combine the best of live, interactive gaming and entertainment in an exciting way and called it an ‘alcohol-fueled mayhem taking place on both sides of the screen’ where people can have fun, laugh, chat and more from their computers.

At, they say you’ll never be bored – and with their new LIP Service the casino brings even more top live entertainment and audience participation since, as Czajkowski stated, an online super-casino should exist mainly to entertain it’s players.

Visit now and you can also get €750 Sign-Up bonus. This top online casino has a fantastic, interactive 3D lounge, a live lounge and even your very own VIP host. The head honchos behind BuzzLuck have redesigned the idea of online casino from every aspect to create the best, interactive and entertaining online casino experience for you, the player!

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