Online Casino 888 Set to Advertise on UK Taxis

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino, has announced it will be advertising its online gambling site on taxis, all over the United Kingdom.

Taxi Promotions UK did a recent campaign for where it set posters of the sides of 375 taxis featuring the company’s logo.

Now the company is interested in taking the campaign even further by giving the taxi drivers coupons so if a passenger brings up the logo that they saw or talks about online gambling, the driver can then give the passenger a coupon worth $10 to sign up to the site.

The selected drivers would be chosen by Taxi Promotions and would act as “ambassadors” for to help create a “word of mouth” taxi unit.

Managing Director for Taxi Promotions UK, Asher Moses, said, “The average London taxi journey lasts 16 minutes and that, in an average day, a driver would pick up 40-60 fares.”

“Taxi Promotions is training more drivers and as many as 300 could be involved by the end of the year with drivers receiving no formal training,” he said.

“The driver can choose what he wants to point out.It’s not hard-core sales talk, it’s sort of a subliminal talk,” he concluded.

Marketing Director for, Matt Robinson, said that 888 will be spending close to half a million dollars for the campaign and that it had already signed up for a bigger promotion involving 20 drivers for the introduction of a bingo website for February.

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