Ohio Wants to Regulate Online Gaming Parlours

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Last week, local authorities raided internet cafes in Fremont, cracking down on venues that allowed patrons to take part in online gambling. In the aftermath of the raids, Ohio politicians want to pass a law that would require gaming venues to hold a license in order to offer online gaming.

Mike Dewine, the local Attorney General, believes that venues that offer games with cash prizes should apply for licenses from the state government. This would allow local authorities to monitor the activity that takes place at these locations, helping to control problem gambling rates and ensure that players are not taken advantage of.

Ohio would be one of the first states to pass such a legislation. With the federal government changing its attitude towards online gambling, it becomes important for states to accept that online and other forms of recreational gambling are here to stay.

As it stands, the legislation is only in the proposal stages. It will be quite some time before it is actually implemented as a law. We will keep you updated in the developments of the situation.

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