No Online Gambling in Utah

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Utah politicians have expressed their anti-online gambling stance this week, stating that entering the online casino market is just not right for the state. Utah Governor Gary Herbert has written a letter to the Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, expressing his opinion.

It seems that the American federal government is getting closer and closer to legalizing online gambling, but Herbert is not excited about the prospect. He does not believe that the federal government should be able to tell states to legalize online gambling; instead, that should be left up to individual state governments.

Utah has currently enacted a ban on all forms of gambling in the state and Herbert confirms that the bill also includes online gambling. The state is just one of two (the other being Hawaii) to ban all forms of gambling, and Herbert does not want to give up that position if the federal government legalizes online gaming in the United States.

However, it may not even be an issue. Since many states have taken it upon themselves to introduce intrastate online gambling, the federal government may not intervene. However, that remains to be seen. In the meantime, Utah prepares to resist online gambling regulation.

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