No More Poker in Russia

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The Ban on online casino and land based casinos throughout Russia has been wavering in the sidelines for some time now. While the casinos were banned sometime last month, poker was still able to pass unnoticed and remain as a sport that was allowed to be played. The Russians quickly caught on and now poker is nothing but a thing of the past as well.

Russians are known to be big gamblers and many are saying this will bring outrage to the online gambling community within Russia. Online casinos were very popular within the country and many online casino brands had created versions of their software in Russian simply to comply with the needs and the demands of the Russian speaking community.

There are now only four locations around Russia that permit gambling and those places are the only location where any type of gambling including all local gambling as well as poker can be played.

While no one really knows whether the laws will stick or if they are something that will eventually be regulated and then re-launched back into play, it is true that these are rules that the Russians will take seriously as prosecutions in the Russian country is anything but pleasant.

Many other countries throughout Eastern Europe and Asia are rumoured to be close to doing the same thing with regards to gambling and if these rumours are true you may see many of these country natives travelling abroad simply to satisfy their gambling urges and desires.

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