New Social Gaming Network From Nintendo

Written By Janice Doughtrey

E3 is this week, and we’re seeing some of the most innovative ideas from the world’s best gaming manufacturers. Social gaming and online gaming are a huge focus of this year’s convention, and many companies have displayed their wares in this market. Nintendo has presented its own take on social gaming with its new MiiVerse network, which allows players to interact online using their WiiU avatars.

It adds a new layer to the online console gaming experience. Rather than posting achievements on their social networking profiles and competing online, players have a rich social resource at their fingertips. In game, players can request assistance from other players via social media and even video chat. Additionally, the MiiVerse is its own social network, rather than depending on the capabilities of Facebook and Twitter to allow players to interact.

MiiVerse is offers some unique features in the online console gaming world; however, many players are still going to remain loyal to PSN and Xbox Live. Some players have stated that the WiiU is simply playing catch-up with more advanced gaming manufacturers while dedicated Nintendo fans are excited about the expansion.

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