New Online Casino Gets Negative Attention

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Since online gambling is a sensitive topic in the American, operators are looking for innovative ways around the law. The latest company to attempt to do so is Cafrino, a New York-based gaming operator that provides cash prizes for free-play games. California authorities are investigating the website, but its operators claim that there is nothing illegal about it.

Cafrino has dodged the label of online gambling, as it does not reward players using deposits. As such, the operator argues that it is not gambling, since players are not actually spending their money to play. Instead, the money from the prize pools comes from advertising revenue.

“Our team has created a non-gambling online alternative, which maintains legality in the United States,” a statement from the website claims.

California authorities are not convinced, however. They claim that offering any cash prize for playing games should be considering online gambling and is therefore illegal. The topic continues to heat up but, in the meantime, Cafrino still operates. The site provides a wide range of games that players can take part in without depositing any cash. We suggest giving it a try while it’s still around.