New Online Casino Ad Banned in Europe

Written By Janice Doughtrey is a site that is dedicated to fair gambling rules and is vehemently against the current ones imposed by the European Union (EU).  What they want is to be able to bet freely in Europe and have taken it upon themselves to represent the public.  They recently created an advertisement that publicly denounced the EU, which has subsequently been banned across Europe.

The ads are of a man dressed like a referee.  He spends the better part of two minutes running around a random street and dancing.  As people walk by him he runs up to them and holds a red or yellow card above his head, just like a soccer game.  When people try to get around him he blocks them.  Very fitting considering that they are debating the fact that some EU states run a monopoly when it comes to online gambling.  What they want is freedom for the public to gamble from any online casino they please, no matter where it is licensed.  Right2bet is calling for a system similar to the one being used in the UK because it is fair to both players and operators and no one has an advantage over anyone else. 

Right2bet is attempting to get 1,000,000 signatures from any European residents who also want the freedom to choose any online casino they’d like.

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