New Jersey Considers Hand Held Gambling Devices

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Gambling operators in various states are looking for all sorts of ways to conquer the online gambling market. While legislation and regulation are important options, operators are also looking at ways to utilize online gambling technology at land-based casinos, a great way to bridge the gap between both worlds.

First, Las Vegas brought up the idea. Casino operators proposed that players at various casinos be able to use mobile devices to gamble from anywhere on the casino’s premises – from hotel rooms to the bar and everywhere in between. Gambling operators in New Jersey have caught wind of the idea and are now considering it.

Senator Jim Whelan has proposed the idea. Being the former mayor of Atlantic City, he seems to know what’s best in terms of making profitable decisions for the state’s gambling market. He believes that he devices will be an attractive aspect for gamblers in their mid-20s, who are used to using their smartphones to conduct everyday business.

“It’s a way of adapting to a generation of young adults who were weaned on smartphones and iPads,” he says.

The proposal has gained a great deal of support, but there is still a long way to go before it is legislated. The Casino Association of New Jersey has already backed the proposal, and Whelan anticipates seeing more support in the future.

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