New Jersey Casino Opens With Some Glitches

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Atlantic City is a top gambling destination in the United States, second only to Las Vegas. The state of New Jersey has been working on expansion tactics for its gambling market over the course of the past year and, so far, a new casino has come of them. While Revel, the new casino, opened amidst excitement, it seemed to fall below expectations.

Newspapers have reported that the new casino experienced a wide range of glitches on the first day. From a malfunctioning escalator to jammed slot machines and faulty credit card processors, Revel experienced its fair share of misfortunes on opening night.

While the media is obsessed with the casino’s glitches, those who attended the opening night didn’t seem to mind. Attendees were in awe of the new gambling venue, which offers a high-class gambling experience in a modern setting.

It features a unique new layout, overlooking the ocean. It is very scenic, a word which you would not often use to describe casinos. This aspect alone has captivated many players. Revel was also praised for its overall mood and ambiance.

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