New Dark Knight Slots From IGT

Written By Janice Doughtrey

IGT has done it again, creating an impressive slot machine based on a blockbuster movie. First, it was Star Trek. Now, it’s The Dark Knight, based on the Christian Bale movie of the same name. Like Star Trek, The Dark Knight will feature graphics, sounds and animations from the movie.

An interesting aspect of the game will allow players to take the side of Batman or The Joker. Each storyline offers different bonuses and prizes, so we advise players to try out each side. There are also several different bonus rounds, requiring the player to interact with different characters from the film, including The Joker and Two Face.

The Dark Knight is also a Mega Jackpots title, which means that there is a progressive jackpot available. What makes the jackpot ‘Mega’ is that it resets at $1.5 million each time it is hit, so it is a very, very generous slot machine.

Currently, IGT’s The Dark Knight is only available in Monte Carlo casinos. However, IGT will present the title in other key markets such as the United States shortly. We are certain the game will be a huge hit in the states, since the latest movie in the Dark Knight series is coming out this summer.

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