New Bimini Direct Air Service

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Have you been to Bimini?

Bimini is a bunch of small islands in the blue Caribbean, and its capital is called “Alice Town”. If you love exploring underwater caves and shopping in fine boutiques, or would just like to try Bone fishing, go visit Bimini. One of the finest resorts in that area is called Resorts World Bimini.Resorts World Bimini is a luxury casino resort on the Caribbean with beautiful beaches. The resort also has a huge casino close to Florida’s famous coast. So far there hasn’t been any regular commercial seaplane service to North Bimini from Florida, but that’s about to change starting December 21st, 2015.

Although since 1998, Cape Air; an employee owned small plane company, has been successfully flying in and out of many parts of the Caribbean, it hasn’t done so on a regular basis. Cape Air and Resorts World Bimini are now partnering up and are about to spend another $450 million on a phenomenal project to provide four daily flights going into Bimini by early 2016. This will facilitate more tourism and also be a great asset for the locals who want to travel back and forth from Bimini.

Just hours away from Miami you can take a nature stroll on this tropical island, or enjoy a bike ride right on the coastline. The accommodations are top-notch and there are many exquisite bars, restaurants and social clubs in which to hang out. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon watching the boats go by as you sip your Mango ice tea in this paradise haven.

The benefit of the seaplane regular service is an addition to the already existing cruises and private jet options that exist in accessing this retreat of the stars. It’s an inimitable experience having several daily flights going in and out of this refuge off the sapphire coast of the Caribbean; just a stone throw away from Dade-County.

Resorts World Bimini is excited to be part of providing an additional travel option to the islands where both vacationers and those who already reside on Bimini will benefit from. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has also welcomed Cape Air’s New Bimini Direct Air Service. It’s one of the latest plans to send in daily Cessna, 9 passenger planes. Their terrific customer service and affordable prices will allow these wings to sit on land and even sea, if necessary. They call this brand of lavish Cessna planes: “Caravan Amphibians”.