Nevada Town for Sale with Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Cal Nev Ari CasinoWhen you think of Nevada, there are thoughts of Las Vegas with its bright lights and flashy shows pop into your head. However, there is another part of the state that exists about an hour south of there that is not glamorous or flashy. It is the town of Cal-Nev-Ari and it is for sale, lock, stock and barrel. If you can pull together the $8 million asking price, you will get the town, the air strip, a classic old diner and of course, the smallest Nevada casino in the world.

Located far from anything else of significance, off a desolate piece of highway 95, the town of Cal-Nev-Ari is located where the three states come together and it is the descriptive, if not very creative name of this town of opportunity. This town was founded by the Nancy and Slim (Who has since passed away) Kidwell in 1965, who came to the desert with a dream of creating something long lasting. They were the first settlers in the area and went through many hardships to scratch out a town at all.

The first few years that the Kidwells inhabited the area there was nothing there but them, their pets and an old abandoned military air strip. It was from this meager beginning they hauled water over 30 miles to keep them going, until they had irrigation dug and from there they started to prove sustainability. The town slowly but surely started to grow. More people over the years seeking the quaint beauty of a small town life showed up. Most of the residents live in neatly distributed mobile homes and many are retired pilots. The streets of the town are not paved but there is just enough width for a pilot to get their plans from their homes to the well maintained air strip for takeoff.

Now there is a small casino with a few random slot machines and a less than busy bar to go along with this town and as Nancy Kidwell, now 78 years old, looks to slow down and sell the town there is an opportunity. The town residents are nervous about how life in the town is going to change but Nancy isn’t going anywhere even if she does sell the town. It is the only place she has known for that past 51 years, she doesn’t think that there is another place with those beautiful sunsets that seem to run forever in Cal-Nev-Ari.

There is a current population of approximately 350 people and they spend their time living life, eating at the diner or visiting the unpopulated casino. The town also has a Blue Sky Motel and tiny convenience store to get necessities. Cal-Nev-Ari is the kind of small town where you stop for a minute and end up being invited to a barbecue for the entire evening.

The opportunity to buy a town with its own casino is a rare one and anyone who wants the thrill of building from the ground up, will not have to do it alone. Nancy will remain in the town and help wherever she can. She feels responsible for all that happens and is always there to help with any issues that arise. Cal-Nev-Ari is yours for a meager $8 million investment.