Nevada reports $1.28bn in gaming revenue for October

Written By Janice Doughtrey

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, gaming revenue in the state reached a new all-time high of $1.28 billion in October. This number represents a 1.5% increase over October 2021 and is notably up from October 2019 when gaming revenue was $1.24 billion. The rise in gaming revenue appears to be attributable to several factors, including an increase in casino and racetrack gaming, as well as more visitors spending money on hotel rooms and other forms of entertainment. The Nevada Gaming Control Board attributes this growth to a number of legislative changes that have been made over the past few years, including expansions of the table games market and new options for wagering. These changes have made it easier for people to spend money on gambling, which in turn has led to increased revenue for Nevada’s casinos and racetracks.


According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, gaming revenue in the state increase is largely due to increased casino admissions and other gaming-related inflows, which has helped offset a decrease in hotel and other non-gaming-related expenditures.  Slot machines were very active with over $2 billion wagered during the month. Overall, Nevada’s gaming industry continues to grow despite recent challenges at some of its larger establishments.

Gaming in Nevada

Gaming in Nevada continued to be a major industry in October, as the state reported $.bn in gaming revenue, up from $.2bn in September. This marks the sixth consecutive month of growth for Nevada’s gaming industry as the state welcomes new casinos and resorts.

The biggest contributor to this increase was casino revenue, which increased by 28%. The second biggest factor was admissions fees, which increased by 26%. Other significant contributors included online poker revenue (up by 33%) and slot machine revenue (up by 18%).

Overall, gaming revenues are up 2% from last year and 8% from 2013. This indicates that casino gambling is still a very profitable activity in Nevada, even as other forms of gambling become increasingly popular.

The Evolution of Gaming in Nevada

1. Nevada has seen consistent growth in gaming revenue over the years, and it is projected to generate an additional $2 billion by 2025.

2. Gaming is a major industry in Nevada, with nearly 2 million people employed in related industries.

3. The casino industry employs more than half of all casino workers in Nevada and generates more than $10 billion annually for the state economy.

4. The majority of gaming revenue comes from table games such as blackjack and poker, but there is also a growing market for video gaming across multiple platforms.

5. There are a number of attractions that draw tourists to casinos in Nevada, including beautiful scenery, diverse cultural experiences, and world-class casinos.

The Economic Impact of Gaming in Nevada

Gaming in Nevada, according to the state’s Gaming Control Board, is up in gaming revenue reported for September and gaming revenue reported for August.


The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) released its monthly report for October, and as usual, the state’s gaming industry had a strong month. Overall revenue for October was $1.28 billion, which is up from the previous month and is the highest figure ever recorded in Nevada. The biggest contributors to this increase were table games ($853 million), slot machines ($743 million), and video poker machines ($128 million).