Nevada Offers Affordable Online Gambling Licenses

Written By Janice Doughtrey

When it comes to online gambling, you should think Nevada would know a bit more about the market than other states – but it seems that it doesn’t have a clue about licensing fees. It has recently been announced that the state is considering charging just half a million dollars for an online gambling license and $250 000 each year for renewal.

In Europe, online gambling licenses are much more expensive, costing upwards of $10 million initially. Even renewal fees are in excess of $1 million. Spain is also charging back taxes, which amount to several million dollars for each operation, but Nevada does not seem to be thinking that large.

In California, the local government is also thinking big. Politicians think that casino operators should pay at least $30 million for their initial gambling licenses. So, is Nevada, one of the biggest gambling capitals in the world, short-changing itself in the online gambling market?

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