Multi-state Online Poker A Possibility

Written By Janice Doughtrey

States across America are racing to launch intrastate online gambling bills, but Iowa has a different idea. Politicians from the state want to introduce a new online gambling bill that would allow players from different states to take part in online poker games together. This seems to be a completely new perspective among America’s gambling market, but it will be interesting to see how it is carried out.

Currently, the Iowa Lottery is part of a multi-state powerball scheme. This means that lottery ticket holders from the state have access to a larger, multi-state lottery prize. Senator Jeff Danielson believes that the same principle would apply to online gambling, and hopes that laws will allow for Iowa to execute a multi-state gambling operation.

Iowa has been considering the option of online poker for quite some time. Just last year, the local government published a report on the benefits of legalizing online poker within the state. It estimated that the endeavour would generate over $60 million in revenue, providing the government with over $13 million in taxes.

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