More PokerStars Funds Released

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The United States Department of Justice and PokerStars have come to an agreement which will see the release of funds frozen from one of the many PokerStars bank accounts that were seized on Black Friday.    


The PokerStars bank account to be released is at the bank of Hapoalim Luxembourg.  The bank itself belongs to Sphene International Ltd. All but $5.5 million will be released. The reason being as to why $5.5 million will remain frozen is because it is tagged as real money from online poker play in the United States. It seems that PokerStars was able to prove that the rest of the account didn’t hold funds from real money poker play in the United States.


Despite the fact that there is still some financial issues going on with PokerStars, it’s still very good news that they have managed to work out a deal with the United States Department of Justice, especially if it means being able to pay players back. It really is a stark comparison to see PokerStars and then Full Tilt Poker’s progress. Players from the United States are still waiting on $115 million owed to them from Full Tilt Poker, and as of late, there has been even less hope in that actually happening.

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