More Charges for Lederer and Bitar

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The American government is doing everything in its power to ensure that former Full Tilt Poker CEOs Raymond Bitar and Howard Lederer do not get off easy. In addition to an existing laundry list of charges laid against the two men, prosecutors have added yet another charge, accusing Bitar and Lederer of violating the Travel Act 1961.

This act prohibits any travel or use of facility to help run an illegal operation. The prosecution believes that the transfer of funds from Full Tilt to the personal accounts of Lederer and Bitar fall under the jurisdiction of the Act and now, the two men will face these charges as well.

Tens of millions of dollars were transferred from Full Tilt Poker to Bitar and Lederer. Rather than taking money from the profits of the gambling website, the CEOs gathered player deposits and used them to fund personal purchases. In the prosecution’s complaint, it is revealed that this money was used to buy a wide range of luxury items, including supercars, homes and 5-star vacations.