Mobile Gambling to Reach Height in 2015

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The online gambling industry took quite some time to take off. Today, online casinos are some of the most visited sites on the interenet, but it has taken five years for the industry to reach this status. Mobile gambling, an up-and-coming facet of the online gambling industry, is predicted to see a much better performance, as mobile casino games are expected to reach their peak by the year 2015.

Mobile gambling has only truly seen its beginning this year, meaning that the push it needs to become a lucrative industry will only take 5 years. This year, All Slots, among many other online casino operators, launched its mobile casino, complete with slots, roulette, blackjack that are all playable from smart phones and other mobile devices.

Now, phone manufacturers are warming up to the idea. Previously, companies like Apple and RIM were skeptical about offering mobile gambling applications, but they are now allowing players to access online casino games from devices like the iPhone.

This is exactly the kind of push that the mobile gambling industry needs. Now that reputable companies like Apple are backing the idea of online gambling, there is no telling how quickly its popularity will sky rockets. It will be no time at all until the mobile gambling industry has reached the same popularity as traditional online casinos.

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