Mob Family Arrested for Running Online Gambling Website

Written By Janice Doughtrey

While the New Jersey government seems to be dragging its heels when it comes to online gambling, another important group in the state has taken the issue into its own hands. Unfortunately, they broke the law while doing so; 13 mobsters from the Genovese family have recently been arrested for running an illegal online gambling website.

The members of the crime family were taking part in the types of activity that you would normally associate with the mafia, including racketeering, bookmaking and money laundering. The only difference between this case and traditional forms of mob crime is that these were taking place from an office in Costa Rica which also ran a multi-billion dollar sportsbetting website.

The use of this technology shows an increase in sophistication when it comes to mafia crime. Their internet gambling website generated over $2.2 billion in wagers over the course of a year. Nearly 50 individuals were employed by the online gambling operation.

Thirteen members of the Genovese crime family have been arrested in association with the case. It’s leader, who is 80-years-old, and his right-hand man, who is 72-years-old, were included in the group of arrested individuals.

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