MMA fighters’ reaction to the gambling probes

Written By Janice Doughtrey

MMA fighters sticking with James Krause face ban amid gambling probes

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are a lot of things that can happen in any given fight. For example, a fighter may get knocked out, or they may be able to finish their opponent off with a submission. But what if the fight doesn’t go as planned? What if the fight ends in a draw instead of a clean finish? This is where things can get tricky, especially when it comes to gambling. When MMA fighters stick with James Krause and face a ban amid gambling probes, it can often result in serious consequences.

MMA fighters face ban amid gambling probes

As investigations into alleged gambling by mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters continue, some of those under scrutiny are facing bans from the sport.

Among those who have been hit with bans is James Krause, an MMA fighter who has been accused of gambling on matches. Krause has denied any wrongdoing, but the ban means he will not be able to compete in MMA events.

Krause is not the only fighter to be banned amid the gambling probes. Other fighters who are facing bans include Shane Carwin, Jon Fitch, and Josh Burkman. All three have denied any wrongdoing and have said they will appeal their bans.

The gambling probes began after it was revealed that a number of MMA fighters had placed bets on matches through a bookmaking website. The website in question has since been shut down, but investigators are still looking into the matter.

So far, no charges have been filed against any of the fighters under investigation. However, if convicted of gambling on MMA matches, they could face prison sentences and hefty fines.

James Krause’s involvement in gambling probes

James Krause’s involvement in gambling probes is being investigated by the UFC. The fighter is being accused of being involved in illegal gambling activities, and if proven true, he could be banned from the organization.

MMA fighters’ reaction to the gambling probes

While many MMA fighters have been vocal in their support of James Krause, some have begun to distance themselves from the embattled fighter as gambling probes continue.

Krause, who is facing multiple investigations surrounding his involvement in various gambling activities, has seen several of his sponsors and supporters drop him in recent weeks.

However, not all fighters are willing to abandon Krause just yet. Several MMA fighters have come out in support of Krause, saying that they believe he is innocent and that they will continue to stand by him.

These fighters include UFC veteran Eddie Alvarez, who called Krause a “stand-up guy,” and Bellator fighter Michael Chandler, who said he still considers Krause a friend and believes he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

What the ban would mean for MMA fighters

If the Nevada Athletic Commission follows through with its threat to ban MMA fighter James Krause, it would significantly impact his career. Krause is currently under investigation for allegedly gambling on MMA fights, and if he is found guilty, he could be banned from fighting in Nevada. This would be a huge blow to Krause’s career, as it would limit his ability to compete in one of the most popular MMA organizations in the world.

While it is still unclear what exactly happened with Krause and his gambling activities, the fact that he is under investigation is enough to cause many promoters to shy away from booking him for fights. If Krause is ultimately banned from fighting in Missouri, it will be difficult for him to find work as an MMA fighter anywhere else. He may be forced to retire from the sport altogether or transition into another line of work.

This potential ban highlights the importance of regulation in the MMA industry. Many fighters rely on being able to compete in multiple states in order to make a living, and if one state bans them from competing, it can have a major impact on their careers. The Missouri Athletic Commission needs to be careful with how it handles this situation, as a rash decision could damage the reputation of an up-and-coming fighter like Krause.


In conclusion, it appears that MMA fighters who stick with James Krause face ban amid gambling probes. This is a serious issue and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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