Michael Young: A Storied Musician Ready to Dazzle Four Winds Casino Resort

Written By Janice Doughtrey

As the days lengthen into an enchanting summer, Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo, Michigan is readying itself for a memorable musical rendezvous. Renowned artist Michael Young and his talented musicians will step onto the stage on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 10:00 PM. The upcoming performance promises an enchanting evening, with the blending of Young’s musical prowess and the buzzing energy of the esteemed casino.

Michael Young is no stranger to the world of music. His seasoned career spans decades, with his performances echoing in national and international venues. He has wielded his prowess as a singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and keyboard player, imbuing a unique flavour into each role. Young’s history with the international band Survivor, famed for their hit “Eye of the Tiger”, and regional bands such as Nicole Jamrose, History’s End, Dick Diamond and the Dusters, and Nawty, reveals his dynamic versatility and adaptability.

Young fronts Jessi & The Fizz, further showcasing his aptitude for leading bands with diverse music styles. Alongside band performances, Young frequently appears solo, either captivating the audience with his voice and piano melodies or as part of the Michael & Jessi Duo.

Young’s performances at prestigious venues like The Redhead Piano Bar and The Chop House on Ontario Street in Chicago are testimonies to his remarkable talent. Yet, beyond his musical skills, what sets Young apart is his vast knowledge of music from various eras and his photographic memory for playing songs. He thrives on audience requests, embodying the spirit of a true performer who aims to satiate his audience first.

As Young readies himself to take the stage at Four Winds Casino Resort, one can expect an evening suffused with a potpourri of musical styles. With his repertoire that stretches across the decades, and his uncanny ability to honour audience requests, Michael Young’s performance is sure to be an unforgettable musical journey.

Michael Young’s upcoming performance at Four Winds Casino Resort holds promise for a memorable evening. The audience is in for a treat as they witness an artist whose career has spanned genres, geographies, and roles.

Young’s versatility and adaptability are rare qualities. His involvement with various bands, his solo and duo performances, all highlight an artist who can navigate different musical landscapes with ease. His imminent performance offers a unique opportunity to experience this musical alchemy.

But beyond this, Young’s performances carry a remarkable interactive element. His readiness to accept song requests from the audience is indicative of an artist deeply in tune with his audience. This sense of connection between artist and audience is a significant part of the live music experience.

Moreover, Young’s vast knowledge of music and his ability to recall and play a variety of songs on demand adds a unique dimension to his concerts. In this, the audience is not merely spectators, but active participants, shaping the concert as much as the artist.

Michael Young’s upcoming performance at Four Winds Casino Resort is more than just a concert. It’s a shared musical journey that has the potential to create an unforgettable summer evening. And as the music fades and the night deepens, the audience will leave with not just a night of good music, but with a shared experience that resonates long after.