May a record Jackpot month for Party Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The month of May has proven to be the luckiest month for players this year as Party Casino paid out more jackpots than they ever have in their entire history. The previous record was set in December 2009. Many players won over $10k, and when it was all totaled up, it added up to an astounding $6,429,000! Party Casino didn’t just reward cash. They also rewarded a swanky Maserati Grand Turismo when one player won the Grand Win Auto. The value of the Maserati is not included in the total of the $6,429,000 payout, The winner of the $1.88 million Gold Mega jackpot goes by the screen name Arkry222, and when he won the Gold Mega jackpot, he also sparked the win for the Grand Win Auto.

There were two massive wins within 24 hours from two Belgium players. The first win was for The Big One, which was $3,057,043! The second win was for Silverdxp, who won over $123,000 in jackpots.

It looks like the month of June could also be a big jackpot month as well! One player at the beginning of June has already won over $685,000!

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