Maryland Gambling Bill Introduced

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Lawmakers in Maryland have introduced a new bill that would allow for the construction of a new casino in Prince George’s County. As an amendment to a bill that would allow table games in the county, the legislation aims to hold a referendum on the construction of a new casino in the area.

The debate over another casino in Maryland, which would bring the grand total up to 6, has been debated for quite some time. Some politicians are calling the new bill a ‘last-ditch effort’, leaving it up to residents to decide if they want a new casino in Prince George’s County. Unlike most referendums, this one will not require a majority vote – just enough to pass the bill through the House.

Other politicians believe that the new bill panders more to casino operators than to the state itself. According to reports, the share of revenue that operators can keep has risen from 33% to 48%, causing Maryland’s public problems to lose out on valuable funding.

It seems that there are still quite a few kinks to work out with the new casino legislation in Maryland. We will keep you updated with future developments.

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