Macau Celebrates Year Growth

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Macau has recently been receiving a great deal of luck – as the small, yet very financially successful, country has experienced another month of economic rise. Lady luck has seemed to become enamored with Macau!

About a year ago the nation had experienced a 26-month long economic decline. This, of course, caused serious concerns for many casino owners and tycoons. The nation, going back to 2014, had seen a decline in its economy. Month after month with no sign of a financial rise in sight many owners, justifiably so, started to get worried.

However, Back in 2016, the nation started to see a small glimmer of hope in the economic future. That one month led to another month and then to another month of financial growth. This pattern of success continued for 12 months with the last month (July) being the nation highest economic upturn in years.

In the month of July, the nation had received 2. 86 billion in revenues, the highest of the 12-month economic rise. Much of the success has been thanks mostly to the VIP club along with the young Chinese millionaires that come to Macau to continue to try their hands with Lady Luck.

Lady Luck, the lady that all gamblers chase after, seems to have settled down with the small nation of Macau. Macau, considered by many to be the gambling hub of the world, now seems to be in a relationship with lady luck. And this relationship seems to be a relationship the nation will not soon end.

The nations meteoric rise in the economy is helping to reaffirm many casino owners as well as offering VIP members more benefits. This continued success spells out a great financial future for the casino island.

One has to ask, however, how long can this luck last for? With the rise of many young new millionaires in China, which seems to happen almost every day, the nation will seem to reap the rewards of the young millionaires – who deem visiting Macau and the casino lifestyle as a right of passage.

In the end, however, the nation has been through a long spell of an economic downturn for over two years, the recent change of luck is a well-received announcement for many people, especially casino owners.

Lady luck has found a new home and if you want to travel on the lady luck bandwagon and receive your stroke of good luck then now is the time. The nation has seen 12 months of economic rise. Now is probably the best time to experience the same luck.