Luck Strikes More Than Once

Written By Janice Doughtrey

One lucky player still cant believe his eyes as he one the lucky strike jackpot at an online casino playing that exact slot two times in a row! Not only did the player get lucky to hit a jackpot twice but he won it playing the same exact game and the sum of the money was quite large in both instances.

Online casinos are always saying that players all have the same exact odds of winning but there have been many cases of players winning more than once in recent times. These players actually tend to play much more than others and are very lucky to fall into the category of winning multiple times. This latest player says that he will continue to play in the hopes of winning yet again.

The player won this jackpot in and the website and company were very happy for the player and his family as he mentioned that this money would change his life and make things much easier for them in this tough time where two family members have lost their jobs.

Online casinos are starting to have more and more progressive jackpot slots as these are the slots that tend to attract the players as well as being the slots that pay out the most amount of money because the more the machine is played the larger and faster grows the sum of the jackpot that one lucky player will get to win in the long run!

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