Long Way To Go For Online Gambling In America

Written By Janice Doughtrey

On Christmas Day, the American Department of Justice announced that the Wire Act would no longer apply to most forms of gambling. Leading many states and operators to believe that this would pave the way for legalized online gambling, there was much rejoicing. However, the cracks are now beginning to show, as gaming experts question the decision.

There are still many aspects that remain to be seen. Many experts are wondering what types of online gambling will be legalized and when this will take place. The DoJ may have reversed the Wire Act, but there are still many questions that require answers.

Since the announcement was made on Christmas Day, the DoJ has kept quiet. The department has yet to elaborated on the decision, so state politicians are wary about launching any particular plans. However, that has not stopped some states: Nevada, New Jersey and Iowa are actively looking into the creation of intrastate online gambling, despite the confusion that has arisen from the DoJ’s announcement.

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