Lithuania Cracks Down On Illegal Gambling

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Lithuania is sending a major warning to people who operate illegal gambling houses in their country, and anyone who is playing on unapproved sites could be in trouble. The country has proposed new legislation that is going to closely monitor online gambling sites, and the country wants to use the new laws to crack down on illegal gambling houses places throughout the country. This article explains how Lithuania plans to enact this new legislation across the country.

Lithuania Was In Trouble With European Gaming Regulators

European gaming regulators penalized several countries in 2013 who were not doing enough to regulate gambling sites, and Lithuania was on the list of countries that caught the ire of the European Union. Lithuania did not want to find itself in the same position again, and the government has spent quite a bit of time crafting this new legislation. Anyone working in gambling in Lithuania knew this was coming.

Partner With A Live Casino

Every online operator in Lithuania is required to form a partnership with a casino that currently exists inside the borders of the country. The casino that currently operates in the country will act as the physical location for an online operator, and the two businesses will be inextricably linked by this law. The partnership is used for regulation, but the partnership could make both casinos quite a lot of money.

No Gifts And Promotions

Lithuania is concerned about bonuses and welcome gifts to new players, and the legislation does not allow for welcome gifts or other bonuses. The government believes that too many people are enticed by these gifts, and eliminating gifts forces these casinos to do a better job marketing their products. The change could lead many casinos to avoid operating in Lithuania, but there is no information to back up that theory.

Only One Application

One online casino has applied for a new gaming license in Lithuania, and it is possible that many online casinos are going to pull out of the country altogether. There are casinos in Lithuania for people to use, but the list of casinos could begin to shrink as online casinos determine if they can make money under the new provisions. There is a long-standing business plan for online casinos, and the new laws in Lithuania may force some casinos to back out.

Different Advertising

The new advertising rules under this law are very strict for every casino. Casinos are no longer allowed to entice people with any kind of gift or prize from any game. The decision to cut back on advertising forces casinos to change their business plans, and many casinos may stop operating in the country because their marketing is so important to their business.

The new laws for online gambling in Lithuania are tying online casinos to physical casinos, but the laws could effectively eliminate many of the casinos that have operated in the country for years. The new rules are a direct response to penalties levied by the European Gaming Commission.