Legalized Online Gambling Would Benefit Social Gaming

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The American government is finally getting close to legalizing and regulating online gambling. In the month since the announcement was made that the Wire Act no longer applies to most forms of online gambling, individual state governments have been scrambling to get plans together to launch online casinos.

While states are sure to benefit from online gambling in the country, particular companies are also sure to see some great advantages. According to Forbes, Zynga is one of these companies. Zynga recently saw a disappointing IPO , debuting on the stock market for far less than the company had hoped. Now, Zynga has the opportunity to make even more money by entering the online gambling market.

While Zynga is only a Facebook application, and players cannot wager real cash, the company would greatly benefit from launching an actual online casino. It has the existing fan base, the software and the reputation, so Zynga could stand to make a great deal of money.

Zynga has yet to make any plans for the online gambling market in America, but financial analysts are convinced that it would be a good idea.

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