Kentucky Casino Bill Delayed

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Residents of Kentucky were looking forward to legalized casino gambling, but they will have to wait a little longer than they had been told. According to Governor Steve Beshear, the new gambling bill will have to wait, after previously stating that the bill would be introduced within a few days.

The problem seems to like within a conflict over redistricting, in which a state redetermines the local electoral boundaries. The state of Kentucky has recently been bogged down, attempting to deal with the redistricting issue, so all other bills have been put on hold.

After the bill is finally introduced, Beshear anticipates that it will take little time for the public to decide on the issue:

“Everybody knows what the issue’s about,” he says. “It can be passed one way or the other in very short order.”

Beshear believes that expanding the state’s gambling market would greatly benefit Kentucky and its residents. As many state governments have already realized, gambling is an effective way to bring in additional revenue, which can be used to fund a wide range of education, health and social services.

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