Kansas Sportsbetting Announced with September 2022 Dates

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Governor Laura Kelly announced that Kansas would see a soft launch of sports betting on September 1.

The announcement was made during a press conference at the State Capitol in Topeka.

Kelly said that the state would work with existing gaming operators and bring in new ones to help facilitate the betting activity. She also said that the state would not tax sports betting revenue, which has been a concern of some lawmakers.

The governor praised the work of Governor Sam Brownback, who she said was instrumental in getting the legislation through the legislature. Brownback is now serving as United States Ambassador for International Religious Freedom.

What are the States’ plans for rolling out sports betting?

The soft launch means that only select Nevada-licensed operators will be allowed to offer betting services in the state.

Kansas is one of four states – along with New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island – that have announced plans to roll out sports betting. The other states are all located in the northeast United States.

Governor Kelly announced at the National Sports Betting Summit in Las Vegas. She said that she wants to ensure that Kansas has everything ready for the full legalization of sports betting later this year.

The main reason for wanting a soft launch is to ensure that the regulations are in place and that the system is working correctly. Governor Kelly also said she wants to ensure that people who are gambling are getting what they paid for.

The States’ plans for rolling out sports betting are different depending on what type of bet people want to make. Nevada offers live betting on NFL games, New Jersey plans to offer live betting on NBA games, Montana plans to provide pre-game and in-game wagers for NHL and MLB games, Delaware will offer in-game bets for both NFL and NBA games, and Oregon will provide post-game bets for NFL and NCAA football games.

Governor Kelly emphasized that each state should have its regulatory framework before allowing individuals to bet with real money. She also said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would work with each state to ensure compliance with federal law.

What does this announcement mean for Kansas residents?

This means limited wagering will occur on select sporting events, including the NFL, NBA, and NHL playoffs.

This announcement is significant for Kansas residents because it allows them to access sports betting without traveling to another state. It also means that the state is taking steps toward becoming a full-fledged legal sports betting state. This announcement is another step in the progression of casinos and sports betting in Kansas. In 2017, the Kansas Legislature passed a bill legalizing casino gambling. This legislation paved the way for sports betting, legalized in other states such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Governor Kelly hopes this soft launch will lead to more widespread legalized gambling in Kansas. She believes this will create jobs and generate much-needed revenue for the state.

The rollout will be gradual, and only select counties within the state will have access to sports betting starting September 1.