Joyland Online Casino Announces Winner on Beach Life Slot

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino, Joyland Casino, has lived up to its name by bringing joy to Sylvia P. from Quebec, Canada who won $4,188,719.98 while playing Joyland’s Beach Life slot machine. The winners first reaction was to scream as she never had before. She said “My first words were, ‘Oh my God. I won. I WON’”.

Her screams of joy were aimed at her brother Henry, who she was speaking to on the phone at the time. Her brother thought he had misheard his sister, “He just said ‘calm down, calm down’. She recalled, “But when I said the amount again, he asked whether I meant four thousand.”

According to the winner, once her brother became fully aware of the enormity of the win, it took some time for it to fully sink in. “He just kept saying to me, calm down, and breathe deeply and he just kept laughing.” The winner enjoys the excitement of Joyland Casino from the comfort of her own home. She thanks her family for her stupendous luck, and particularly her father who passed away in 2000.

She plans to use the money to buy a house and some new furniture for her two children. She has a last word of advice for all the other players at the casino, “Keep dreaming and hoping. One day maybe you will be the one in the hall of fame just like me.”

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