Is the “New” Atlantic City Online?

Written By Janice Doughtrey

At one time, Atlantic City was the place to spend your money and place your bets. The casinos in Atlantic City were hitting the jackpot with players. Busloads of tourist gathered at the city for conventions or to simply have fun at the casino. Atlantic City was the only official gambling place on the east coast. Investors were willing to spend millions or billions on new casinos. A casino was a major investment that earned quick profits. Now, the tide has turned. Atlantic City casino revenue has faced a steady decline for almost a decade. However, some sources report that the decline is starting to level off. Still, insiders state that the glory days are over for Atlantic City.

Atlantic City was the hot destination for gamblers on the east coast. In fact, it was the #2 destination for all gamblers, slightly below Las Vegas. Atlantic City welcomed the first casinos to the area back in 1978. The casinos brought new life to the tourist town. They revitalized the area and brought growth and new employment opportunity for residence. In fact, many worked in the casinos. The slots were always a hot property at the casino from the very start. However, the tables were another story. The tables were more for the high roller willing to bet more money on their games. Their popularity took a quick nose dive. The slots picked up the slack and survived even through down economic times. The good news is that the decline in revenue and players visiting the city is leveling off. The welcomed news is that online gambling is really taking off.

The recent statistics show that Atlantic City casinos earned an outstanding $2.5 Billion dollars in 2015. The surprising news is that the figures show a 6.5 percent decline. Clearly, the 8 casinos that are left in town are taking massive hits. However, chances are that the online gambling world is going to create the type of profits that will revitalize Atlantic City. Records show that online gambling in the state has increased in popularity. The state witnessed a rise in popularity during 2015. The online gaming statistics show that there was a nearly 51 percent rise in online gambling by the end of 2015. The fact is that a number of the remaining casinos have managed to perform quite well online. Statistics also show that some of the casinos are actually breaking new records with their online gambling. The online strategy paid off for casinos like the Borgata. They earned a sizable piece of the profits by providing optimal chances for poker play online. Tropicana also experienced a rise in their total online revenue. Online playing is the best bet for the player and the casino.