Is Gambling a Menace that Needs Additional Intervention? Let us Find Out

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Ever since gambling came into existence, the world has become a better as well as an undesirable place in equal measure. For the few that have gotten to benefit from gambling, it is all because they did not let addiction get the better of them. For those with gambling addiction challenges, they have become a menace to society influencing all manner of vices in their wake. Thus, the British Gambling Commission has been greatly concerned about gambling, saying that more needs to get done to tackle the impending issue.

One of the issues that have affected the gaming sector is the exorbitant rates that have remained unregulated for a long time. As it stands out, veteran gamblers are the most affected since they have been participating in gambling activities for as long as they could remember. The above is in accordance to a report released by the Research Institute, NatCen, in 2015. In a survey that covered gamblers in England and Scotland, it got discovered that more than two million Britain players posed a significant risk to society due to their inadequacies.

Through the 2015 research, analysts got to learn that out of the two million high-risk gamblers, most of these individuals had at one point in time participated in betting exchange, spread betting, poker, as well as betting on gaming machines and greyhound racing. Although gambling was primarily made to be a fun activity, many people have converted the operation into a vice, a menace that needs eradication before it becomes a global disaster.
According to Tim Miller, the Gambling Commission executive director, there is a way of dealing with the gambling problem that affects more than two Britain nationals today. One of the ways is to change the gambling rates in Britain. Besides, Tim Miller believes that with input from the gaming industry, the national community, as well as the entire Britain Community, major milestones can be made in the fight against challenges associated with gambling.

Also, gambling as an issue should get fast tracked to enable the matter get dealt with once and for all. For speedy results, Miller believes that the time has arrived for the gambling industry to take betting challenges seriously to enable the fraternity to employ strategic solutions to documented issues.

At the moment, the Association of British Bookmakers believes that the government, in partnership with the gambling industry, should come up with more stringent measures to help salvage the situation, since banning unpleasant gaming products would only transfer underlying problems to other areas of betting.

So far, several betting shops have adopted new approaches to addressing gambling issues, encouraging gamblers to practice their art responsibly without endangering their lives as well as that of their neighbors. Since there is a lot that needs achieving, the time has come for the authorities in charge of gambling to get back to the drawing board, take a chance to identify the bottlenecks in the industry, and then come up with reasonable measures to avert an impending danger.