iPoker Launches Fast-Fold Application

Written By Janice Doughtrey

When Full Tilt Poker launched Rush Poker two years, the company did not have any idea that it would become the biggest trend in the online poker world in 2012. After PokerStars launched its own Zoom Poker, Microgaming came out with a similar app called Blaze Poker. Now, iPoker is launching its own version of the software with Speed Poker.

iPoker’s Speed Poker application offers its players the same fast-folding action that they can get by playing Blaze or Zoom Poker. It helps iPoker retain any players who may be considering making the move to Microgaming or Pokerstars to test out this new application.

Speed Poker is a fast-fold application that allows players to move to a new table immediately after folding their hand. Players can get in hundreds more hands per hour, making it ideal for grinders and players who need to obtain more experience.

At the moment, 10c/20c No Limit and Pot-Limit Hold ‘Em are the two variations available as Speed Poker games. After the initial testing stages, the company is likely to offer Omaha Speed Poker and a wider range of stakes.

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