Iowa to Pass Online Poker Bill

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Iowa is the latest state to look into the option of legalizing and regulating online poker. After receiving word from the Department of Justice that online poker does not fall under The Wire Act, local politicians decided that legalized online poker would be the best course of action for the state.

State Senator Jeff Danielson has drafted a proposal for the new legislation, making Iowa the third state to do so this year. District of Columbia and Nevada beat Iowa to the punch, but DC has seen some difficulty, causing its bill to be delayed.

Danielson believes that, over the course of the year, more and more states will turn to legalized online gambling. He wants Iowa to be one of the first on the bandwagon, however, in order to explore the possibilities of generating tax revenue in the online poker world.

Unfortunately, Danielson’s bill, set to be introduced this month, is likely to have some difficulty when it is introduced to state senate. Other politicians in the country are not so keen on legalizing online gambling, so Danielson will have to fight hard in order to pass his new online gambling bill.

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