Investigation into James McDonald betting scandal gets bigger

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It looks like the investigation into the James McDonald betting scandal has begun to widen.

According to various reports, stewards from Racing NSW will widen their investigation into whether McDonald had any interest in a wager placed on Astern last December at Randwick. Astern made its debut at the track that day and it is believed that McDonald may have placed a hearty wager on the ride.

McDonald will now be going to Sydney later on this week to face intense questioning. His financial records and betting logs have been looked at and word is that other jockeys and other parties could eventually become part of this new investigation. It is believed that the investigation should be able to begin and by the end of the week the investigation team is said to be able to come up with a final date to release their findings.

McDonald was set to run back on November 15th when he was pulled from a race at Randwick. It was during this time that an intense investigation began after McDonald’s cell phone and cell phone records were pulled. James Doyle was then flown in from Europe on behalf of the Godolphin blue team to fill in for McDonald. McDonald has been able to have huge success as part of the Godolphin team.

At the moment there has not been any official comment or rebuttal on behalf of Godolphin head Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. McDonald has been said to be very cooperative during the investigation. The investigation is one that been coordinated jointly between Racing NSW and other law enforcement agencies. The absence of McDonald is certainly one that will be of ill favour to Australian punters. He won on Astern back in September during the Grade 1 Golden Rose and has been on one brilliant run as of late.

The well known Sydney punter in Anthony Gardiner is another person that is being sought by the investigators. Stewards have been staunchly looking to interview Gardiner but Gardiner and his representation team have not been able to be contacted. While there has not been any accusations of misconduct by Gardiner, the punter has been told and warned to stay away from all tracks based in New South Wales.