Internet Poker Bills Inked by Governor of Nevada

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Governor Bill Sandoval inked 36 bills in the Nevada state senate last week. The two most important bills are Assembly Bill 294, and Assembly Bill 258. These bills are going to have a profound effect on the gambling industry in Nevada.

The first bill, Assembly Bill 294 allows hotel casinos to have electronic gambling machines in hotel suites for hotel guests to use. Guests were not allowed to gamble in sleeping areas of hotels previously, but customer surveys conducted in Las Vegas revealed that customers actually wanted gambling machines in their room. With the introduction of this bill, hotels will soon start adding gambling machines to rooms. After all, good customer service is king in Las Vegas, and the customer is always right, right? Adding gambling machines to hotel suites will certainly help casino hotels generate more revenue, and at this point, many casino hotels could really benefit from adding in the addition.

The second bill is Assembly Bill 258, which orders that the Nevada Gaming Commission is to allow online gambling in the state. It is still illegal to gamble online at the federal level, so any States that have not made it legal to gamble online need to follow the federal law. State legalization of online gambling is allowed, but exclusively only for the State. Assembly Bill 258 also allows for the Nevada Gaming Commission to issue licenses to casinos that would like to offer poker online.

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