InterCasino Offers New Way To Play Blackjack

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The online casino InterCasino is offering a new way to play Blackjack. It has named this new method of playing the game ‘Multi-Hand Video Blackjack’. The new game allows online players the amazing option of playing 250 hands per round.

The new game uses the same playing principles as Blackjack, in which the player plays hands 1 to 5 against the dealer; only the number of cards the dealer deals is different. Each player hand is compared against 3, 5, 10 or 50 that are independently-drawn dealer’s hands. The player’s hands are all played out against the dealer’s hands and the overall results are calculated and paid out.

In this new form of the game a player has to select the number of hands the dealer will deal, select the number of hands he will be dealt, and select the bet amount per game. The number of game results is equal to the number of player hands multiplied by the number of dealer hands. Then this game is basic Blackjack, with the player deciding what action to take based on the dealer’s up-card and their own cards.

The betting in the new form of game starts at $0.10, and goes up to $50.00 per game. Players looking to be safe, a minimum bet of $0.75 is required. However, for those players wanting to bet big, a total of $12,500 can be bet per game.

InterCasino is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100% up to $225. If a player is a regular depositor then he is eligible for 100% to $140 deposit bonus every time he deposits.

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