Influx of Online Gaming Applications in Nevada

Written By Janice Doughtrey

This month, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has granted preliminary approval to several gaming operators from around the world, giving them the okay to launch online gambling services when it is legalized in the state. However, there are dozens more that are line for licenses, as Nevada seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to online gambling legislation.

Churchill Downs is the latest company to receive preliminary approval, and has done a lot of work to secure this position. The company recently acquired YouBet and entered into a partnership with Bluff Media, a poker media provider. These two business deals will put Churchill Downs in an ideal position when online gambling is legalized in Nevada.

California is one of the few other states that is taking the initiative in the online gaming market, since Delaware has already legalized the activity. Several companies have received preliminary licenses from gaming regulators in California. So, when online gambling is finally legislated in the state, these companies will be the first to launch gaming websites.

Things seem to be moving along swimmingly for Nevada and California. It won’t be long before these two states have booming online gambling markets.

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