Illegal gaming ads that are taking over your screens – how prevalent are illegal ads in the province of Alberta?

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Illegal Sports Betting Advertisements in Alberta Canada

In Alberta, Canada, it’s illegal to advertise any kind of sports betting whatsoever. This includes both in-house advertising and any advertising that takes place across any media. Unfortunately, this law is not always enforced, which has led to an increase in illegal sports betting advertisements in the province.

What is an Illegal Sports Betting Advertisement?

An advertisement for sports betting is considered illegal if it is not authorized by the province in which it is being placed. This means that any advertisements for sports betting that are not from licensed companies or organizations are considered illegal. This includes online as well as offline advertisements.
The law surrounding illegal sports betting advertisements in Alberta Canada is specific to the province, so violations may result in fines and/or imprisonment.
In addition, any information indicating that someone can make money through gambling on sporting events is also considered an illegal advertisement. This includes anything from website banners to social media posts.

How do they get around the law?

It’s not just in Canada that illegal sports betting advertisements are a problem- they’re also popping up in the United States. But how do these advertisers get around the law? By using offshore websites, of course! These sites are often hidden and not accessible through regular search engines, making it very difficult for authorities to track them down.

What can you do to help stop these ads?

There is no definitive way to stop illegal sports betting advertisements, as they can be found online and in print. However, individuals can take various actions to reduce their chances of encountering these ads, including using a desktop blocker or refusing to open unsolicited emails. Additionally, organizations and governments can work together to create regulations that prohibit the advertising of illegal sports betting activities.

Additional information about this topic:

Flashy advertisements, some with celebrities like Wayne Gretzky and Aaron Paul, are bringing viewers to new sports betting websites. In the near future, Auston Matthews will also join the ranks.

AGLC advices that those sites are not allowed, they state the websites are illegal in Alberta.

The AGLC said that it will be illegal for somebody to offer bets in Alberta that are not regulated.

The only legal sports bets in the province of Alberta are bet through or Western Canada Lottery Sport Selects.

Single-game sports betting will be legal in Canada

Sports fans have had to suffer through a constant barrage of ads every time they turn on their TV or scroll across their social media feeds. This comes after a change in federal law made single-event sports betting legal and previously, gamblers had to use parlay betting which is more difficult.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be signing the NHL’s first sun-worn player this spring, with their starting national average Auston Matthews.

As of 2016, Canadians were illegally betting billions on single sporting events. A new change was enacted to keep some of the profits within Canada’s borders.

Sports betting regulations varied based on each province. In Ontario, the Alcohol And Gaming Commission of Ontario began to offer licenses to sports betting sites.

However, in Alberta, the province has decided to go with its own service which is Play Alberta. They will offer sports betting, lottery, and casino games.

It’s evident that illegal providers think the Canadian landscape is ripe for bets, even though they are illegal.

The vice-president of gaming with the AGLC says Albertans might not be penalized for placing bets at illegal sites, but he cautions against that.

Alberta casinos are seeping illegal gaming advertisements. Advertisements distract users from finding the most relevant content.

Dr. Robert Williams, a University of Lethbridge professor in the faculty of health sciences, is worried about how advertisements might impact younger audiences.

He stated in an interview that when people become of legal age, they tend to be more involved.

In order to raise the profile of a product, use celebrities such as Abby Williams to promote it. When you do this the perception of your company is even better.

Celebrity endorsements are memorable and lead consumers to have a positive perception of the advertiser.

The federal government made it legal to gamble on single sporting events in August 2021.

According to the BBC, U.K. law has banned individuals from advertising gambling campaigns if they may be appealing to audiences that are under 18 years old.

Sport betting ads may make people who have recovered from addiction relapse, or influence those trying to quit. Locally marketed ads also force these people to see their local business more, which might not be appropriate if they’re trying to stay at a distance.

Illegal Gaming Ads Plaguing Albertan Population

Sports betting is on the rise. Illegal gaming ads are on the rise in Alberta.

Online gambling has increased over the years. Since websites such as PokerStars were created, online gambling got increasingly pervasive.

People used to be able to play games for free, but with site subscription requirements and other fees, the rules changed.

Taking this profit offshore is a result of Canadian law. With the same amount of money being gambled, the Canadian government cannot regulate where the funds are sent and this leaves them unprotected from corruption and outside threats.

Companies have a lax approach when it comes to posting gambling advertisements.

“It devastates families just like alcoholism,” Andrus said.

It is not illegal to advertise online gambling, but you have to look at the bigger picture of how online gambling is regulated.

How the lack of consequences allows for illegal advertising

Failing to regulate those who advertise on unregulated sites is creating problems for federal agencies and broadcasters, who have to follow the rules.

Some companies advertising in illegal ways have deep pockets.

Albertans should be cautious when following these sports betting sites.

They don’t know if their bank data is safe and secure because it’s a new service that some people aren’t familiar with.

With sports bets still vying for their share of new markets and playoff series continuing for several different sports, Mr. Williams said to expect to see more advertisements about the market continue.

“The truth is, people are shirking responsibility for their gambling,” he said. “They’re targeting everybody because there’s no real prosecution.”

When the market is more mature, you’ll see fewer ads, but right now there is no change in store.