How Kamaru Usman Beat Drake

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Drake is a high-profile rap artist and has been placing bets on the UFC for a long time. After placing his bet on Kamaru Usman, he now can’t seem to find any lucky waters with his money. Drake has just lost a bet for $230,000, which is on Jose Aldo being able to knock out Leon Edwards by backing Kamaru Usman.

He has a long history of betting on UFC fights with bets made in UFC 278 where he lost his title after being KOd by UK challenger Jordan Edwards.

Drake had two separate bets on the champion, backing the Nigerian to win by KO in a bet worth around $149,000 and also a separate stake of $49,000 on him winning the fight round four. However, his curse struck again with Usman defeated by a booming kick from the challenger.

Leon Edwards: The UFC Champion With a Mind for Self-Improvement

How exactly is Drake a loser at a UFC fight?

Drake has fulfilled many of his predictions in the UFC, including Colby Covington who was originally staked $275,000 by Drake in March.

Two months later, Drake elected to gamble on Justin Gaethje beating Charles Oliveira at UFC 274, putting down in excess of $400,000 on the fight, only for Charles Oliveira to submit his rival in the opening round. However, he turned around his form by placing a bet on Israel Adesanya when he successfully defended his belt against Jarod Cannonier to end his betting and win around $1 million.

But at the Usman, Edwards fight, Drake predictions just didn’t land. The first round was a rough one for Usman. Edwards (the British fighter) came out swinging and managed to take down Usman early on with an ankle lock submission move. In the following rounds, Usman managed to maintain composure and even seemed to turn the tables. The fifth round saw Usman dominate the Brit, but in the sixth round he was taken down by Edwards, who set him up for the victory with a fake jab that luckily landed into an uppercut knockout blow.

UFC champion Edwards definitely feels like a winner’

Edwards has been around for only a few years, but he won the title within months. With Michael Bisping out of the picture, Edwards is now the undisputed champion.

Drake is now involved in the fighters, who won a £3m purse after agreeing to his offer for Rolex watches. The fighter who accepted the deal via Instagram direct messages hasn’t confirmed if he’s received them yet.

Edwards vented and shared his emotion, asking if he could talk about the path that he had taken to get to where he is today. “It’s hard to put it into words,” Edwards said, “that’s why I broke down in the octagon as everyone knows my path. I’ve said it all week,” Edwards continued, to suggest it was a fated win and as with the hardships he has endured to this point, went exactly how it had to go to make him the man he is today.

Drake has been involved in a lot of betting this year. He has wagered on UFC fights and NFL games. His losses in these bets have likely caused him to lose a lot of money. However, there is no evidence that this will have any negative effect on his gambling habits.