How Could RAWA Effect US Online Gaming?

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Jason Chaffetz, on the 9th of the month December, will be attempting to continue with his fight for making a federal ban that will be on state-regulated gambling that takes place on-line. He will be fighting for the ban using a hearing that has been granted at the Chaffetz-chaired House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Chaffetz is going to be using this hearing that will be held on the 9th as a boost for the H.R. 707, which is the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, also known as the RAWA.

There have been many outcries of rage on this subject, all throughout the political world, many are talking about how the Restoration of America’s Wire Act is a policy with many flaws that are very noticeable. Two of the flaws are that the policy would make it so that the industry was destroyed, taking away many jobs, and also that it would waste the time of the law enforcers, making their force weaker while it was in place. This policy would actually make it so that the state-regulated gambling markets, that take place on-line, would be outlawed almost immediately in terms of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.There is a lot at risk if you take out the regulated gambling that is done on-line, over the amount of $40mm goes toward providing jobs for the people of these states and also goes to taxes. There have been many accounts made that use a lot of money. There are actually many different loopholes in this new policy, these loopholes were created with the intent of doing good, but it seems just a little bit fishy to everyone who knows about them. Some of the things that will still be aloud are betting on horse races on-line, gambling that is deemed “charitable”, sales to do with the on-line lottery and of course, fantasy sports.All of these should have been tossed out with the rest of things that were in the policy, however, they were left in for some unknown reason. When it comes to the fantasy sports section of the policy, it seems even weirder, given the fact that allowing this will actually help to weaken the power of the law enforcers in terms of fighting against the betting on sports that is illegal, and this is supposedly what the entire Restoration of America’s Wire Act was supposed to be against. However, they are able to get away with this kind of thing, thanks to being able to change the definition of the words “bet or wager” that are within the RAWA, so that it is able to count out a group of activities that have been defined within the 5362(1)(E) of US. Code Title 31 ( also known as the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.