How Betway Gambling Site has Shaped the Gambling Arena

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Betway has come to the defense of the gambling industry over its decision to sponsor football shirts for various teams in the premier league. The defense comes at that time when the Labor’s proposes to have a ban apply on all gambling firms that are sponsoring football shirts.

From February 2015, West Ham United have had Betway as its official shirt sponsor. With this season’s partnership extension, The Hammers will be one team among other nine premier league clubs that still have gambling companies as their official shirt sponsor.

Anthony Werkman, the Operations and Marketing Director at Betway, acknowledges that premier league offers the firm unrivaled exposure in the world. Typically, the league is broadcasted to millions of homes and billions of viewers across the globe. The premier league tops the list of the most watched sports league in the entire world. Antony argues that the intrinsic relationship between football and betting, coupled with an audience overlap gives a better chance to market the firm. As such, having the players wear your trademark shirts as part of the sponsorship is an obvious, valuable and natural advertisement method for the betting companies.

Betting involves the use of money. Economically, money is a scarce resource and must always be put to use prudently. It is therefore important to vet various companies before allowing them to sponsor any sports club or movement. Primary standards should be developed on how to ensure that similar metrics are used on good all the firms. At the bare minimum, the company to be allowed should be licensed and authorized by the regulator to render services in the area. Betway as an enterprise is regulated and

licensed by the Gambling commission. The enterprise is also a member of various industry bodies and groups across the globe.

Another important factor to consider is the gambling policies that the firm in question applies. Under normal circumstances, gambling can be addictive and negatively impact on the economy. As such, the betting company should have concrete plans on how it intends to ensure that its rules are followed. For instance, how are they going to make sure that young citizens do not gamble? How does the firm resolve conflicts and misunderstanding with its clients? The best approach to solving these questions is asking you how well the company has invested in technology. A good technology should be able to weed out any under age citizen from the system even before they place a bet. With a right technology in place, suspicious gambling trends can also be eradicated with ease.

Another factor to examine is the marketing policy that the gaming company adopts. Who are the marketers target audience? What are the accepted marketing norms in the industry? An excellent firm that has the interest of its clients at heart should have a clear plan on its intended audience. Concrete measures should be taken to ensure that the message only goes to the intended parties. For instance, the industry has outlined various regulations on how promotion and advertising should be and should not be done. The advertising materials should not be seen anywhere when junior teams are playing. It is upon the management to ensure that these regulations are observed and followed to the letter.

According to the marketing director at Betway, the firm has adopted various technological methods to safeguard the interests of its customers. The systems are responsible for identifying any underage who may be gambling as an adult. With the system, the company has been able to introduce an algorithm that detects any illegal transactions. Once identified, interventions can be made for any established cause for concern. It is expected that key personalities in the betting industry will deliberate further on the social responsibility of gambling firms to its clients.