Historic Golden Gate Casino Undergoing 5 Day Renovation in August

Written By Janice Doughtrey

If you are familiar with Las Vegas history, then you will know exactly how iconic the Golden Gate hotel-casino is. Because of its long-standing history, it makes sense that the Golden Gate casino will undergo another expansion this summer.

This August will mark the casino’s second renovation and will see the casino almost double in size. It will also include an impressive casino entrance from Freemont as well as its outdoor bar receiving an extension.

Known as the original casino of Las Vegas, the Golden Gate casino made its presence known over one hundred years ago. Not only did it manage to survive the roaring 20s but also managed to slip through the hands of Prohibition and the music era of the Rat Pack. Because of its rich history, it would be amazing to find out what exactly went on in the past. This is mainly because, during the first renovation, construction uncovered whiskey bottles within the walls. Not only that but, the Rat Pack were well known for drinking there. It was also the first casino to have a telephone installed and the first casino to have an electric sign.

Although this will be the second expansion in the casino’s history, this will be 5 years coming from the last one to occur back in 2012.

During the expansion, the renovation will consist of the following:

An Expanded Gaming Floor
The casino gaming floor will be doubled and will include an addition of more than 100 brand new slot machines. In the center of the floor will be a tower of televisions that will be 24-feet tall with a 360-degree view. This tower of televisions will be displayed as if it is coming out of a fountain. At the entrance, visitors will be amazed by the beautiful crystal chandelier as they enter the casino.

An Expanded OneBar

Known as the best beverage destination of all of Freemont Street, OneBar will receive an additional 20 feet. This expansion will make it among the longest bars known in downtown. OneBar will feature the flair of the dancing bartenders, frozen libations, and many televisions located externally. It is sure to attract both locals and thirsty visitors alike.

An Entry Way To Set The Stage
Besides the many gaming opportunities being attractive, nothing is sure to set the mood than the fully redesigned entrance way. This will include extravagant velvet drapes which are sure to create an unforgettable ambiance. With the Jazz Age as inspiration, the drapery will have gold medallions and will serve as the perfect entrance to its marble-ladened rotunda floor.

Throughout its history, the Golden Gate casino has only been closed once before. But, for the newly planned renovation, its doors will be closed from August 20 to August 25. Not only will the Golden Gate renovation be an excellent contribution to Derek Stevens’ vision, but it will add a special touch to downtown as plans come together for the future Events Center, the D Las Vegas, and the new 18th Fremont St. casino.