Google’s Increased Involvement With The Gambling Industry

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The Industry of Excitement

Gambling has been around for a long time and there are no signs of this industry slowing down. People around the world participate in the thrill, thus making gambling a hobby of over 1 billion individuals annually. With a market this large, it comes as no surprise that technology modernization facilitated the expanding of gambling to online platforms. Employing the internet websites to gamble makes the entire process very convenient.

One can save time that would be spent on going to a physical location where placing a bet is possible.

The Situation in the United States

Due to very strict regulations that have been put in place on gambling, people around the United States do not have clear access to it. Up until recently, with exception of Las Vegas, people were not able to legally place bets regardless of how immaterial they might have been.

Therefore, one could gamble their entire retirement fund in Nevada, yet not spend a dollar on betting in most other states. Since this is the way that this industry ran, the majority of online companies did not see much benefit from getting into lawsuits and penalties by failing to adhere to the gambling regulations. Nonetheless, with technology becoming extremely advanced, companies are able to implement programs that keep track of all the regulations. This way, legal issues can be avoided which helps save millions of dollars in settlement amounts.

Present-day Situation

Companies such as Google denounced online gambling a few years ago.

The justifying factor for their decision was the aforementioned trouble with all the regulations that vary state-to-state. Nowadays, however, one can count on this company to get involved with the online gambling industry a lot more. As it usually goes in business, profitability is driving the decision-making process. The fact that the most households around the nation have some type of internet access, marketing has been made very simple.

Cross-referencing a number of internet users with all of those who are passionate gamblers amplifies the conclusiveness of the analysis. Therefore, staying outside of this industry in 2017 is a recipe for losing market share. Google’s main competitor, Apple, has already gotten involved in the online gambling field. Since the market that these two companies operate in is almost an oligarchy (two dominating businesses), it was just a matter of time before Google caught up with the trend and decided to throw some caution to the wind with all the gambling regulations.

E-sports Betting

As a country where National Football League, National Basketball Association, and a lot of others are followed by millions of people, the United States is a perfect marketplace for betting on sports. Those who are passionate about games are often very skilled in strategy and analysis, thus enabling some well-calculated bets to be placed. Ultimately, the potential winnings of thousands of dollars are a fairly good return on $5-10 that must be invested.

Google’s Course of Action

To begin the process, Google will utilize the gambling platform in the United Kingdom. Given that the UK is the world’s capital of gambling, Google is using this country as a test-run for their endeavors. Some other locations that will be featured are Republic of Ireland and France. Although it is just in its trial and error stage, one can expect Google’s online gambling to take a decent growing trend because of their presence online. Gamblers can read into this as another way to enjoy their passion that will now even more available, courtesy of a $100 billion brand that Google is.