Golden Tiger Casino Announces Launch of New Online Slots Game

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Golden Tiger Casino, which is a popular online casino from the well known CasinoRewards group, has announced they will be launching a new ancient Greek Culture themed online slots game that will coincide with the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies on Friday. The Olympics are a competitive event that date back over 2,500 years to Olympia in Ancient Greece.

The new game is enhanced by characters like Hercules, Medusa, Pegasus and Zeus. The new game can pay out over fifty times the size of a player’s original bet. The game is called The Stash of the Titans and features many Greek characters and symbols.

The casino is offering an hour of free game play where player’s can try out any one of its almost 300 games that include slots, progressive jackpot games and traditional table games. All new players receive a welcome bonus of $40 with which they can make as much money as possible within an hour at no risk to the player’s own deposit.

Golden Tiger Casino continues to make online gambling more reachable to new players with its frequent promotions and signature bonus offers. On making your first deposit the player can receive a deposit bonus of up to $1500. The casino has recently released its highly acclaimed promotional CD in 14 languages to Europe, Canada, South Africa and Asia. The CD’s are available in one of three colors depending on the size of your deposit at the time of signup: Silver $10, Blue $500, or Gold an enormous $1500.

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